Shattuck Hospital Relocation Project 


Continuing Shattuck’s Commitment to Providing High Quality Health Care to the State’s Most Diverse, Underserved Patients.

Built in 1954, the Shattuck Hospital requires extensive renovations to maintain its current level of care. The Commonwealth is relocating Shattuck’s existing medical and psychiatric services to the East Newton Pavilion building, previously owned and operated by Boston Medical Center. East Newton Pavilion is located at 88 East Newton Street, Boston, MA.



About the Lemuel Shattuck Hospital 


The Lemuel Shattuck Hospital is a fully accredited teaching facility that provides acute, subacute, and ambulatory care to patients referred by public agencies and private sector providers. The Hospital's services help economically and socially disadvantaged patients to get high quality, cost-effective care from a staff that respects their dignity. It also provides an array of outpatient services, including surgical services, 26 outpatient specialty clinics and clinical laboratory services. 

The hospital is operated by the Department of Public Health (DPH) in conjunction with the Department of Mental Health (DMH) and the Department of Correction (DOC).

The Shattuck Hospital employs nearly 700 staff members and is a fully accredited teaching facility. Relocation to East Newton Pavilion also provides the opportunity for potential collaboration with BMC, DMH’s Solomon Carter Fuller Mental Health Center, and neighboring academic institutions.

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